Time Card Calculator

Do you need a Time Card Calculator to add up employee time cards? The TimeCard Tabulator II hand-held time card calculator will let you perform most time card calculations with only a few keystrokes, and you can take it with you anywhere.

Use the dedicated IN and OUT buttons to enter multiple timecard hours entries. It will total all of the hours up.

    How to do Employee Time Card Calculations

  1. Enter the morning start time: and press IN.
  2. Enter the morning end time: and press OUT.
  3. Enter the afternoon start time: and press IN
  4. Enter the afternoon end time:
  5. and press OUT.
  6. Find the employee's day total by pressing Employee Hours.
  7. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for each day.
  8. Press Employee Hours again to calculate employee total hours for the week.
  9. Press Employee Hours again to calculate employee gross pay.
  10. Press Next Employee to move to the next employee, leaving all break, time rounding, and pay rate settings the same.

Employee pay rates, non-paid break durations, and time rounding can be pre-configured.

The TimeCard Tabulator II does much more too...

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Payroll Calculator - TimeCard Tabulator II

Time Card Calculator Box Front
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It has it's own protective cover.

Time Calculator Cover

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